One of the main goals of religious leaders is to control as many people as possible, their behavior, beliefs, and attitudes. What better way to control people would be to take over the government and make laws that conform to the religious dogma of those leaders. When Spain and Portugal invaded and colonized Central and South America, they introduced Catholicism. Ever since then, Catholicism was the prevailing and ruling force in the government’s that made up nations of Central and South America. With their rigid dogma with respect to human sexuality, laws outlawing not only abortion but also the distribution and use of contraceptives was prevalent from Mexico southward to the tip of South America. The effect of these laws resulted in uncontrolled and relentless population growth that soon exceeded the carrying capacities of these nations. The populations became ever more poverty-stricken and desperate. As they did they turn more and more to the Catholic Church for relief from their desperate situation. All of this was to the delight of the arrogant and power-hungry Catholic hierarchy.


Controlling people is an insatiable goal by religious leaders. This phenomenon is clearly present in the United States. Evangelical preachers are hard at work convincing people to vote a particular party or person so that laws can be eventually made to conform to their narrow and dogmatic beliefs. There has been major efforts to control education in the United States by supporting parochial schools as an alternative to public education. Those schools are most often religious in their orientation and teach such things as creationism and that evolution is not a science but some sort of belief and does not agree with biblical interpretations.

But anti-evolution indoctrination is not the only result of religious schools. Religious schools in the United States are very busy attempting to convince children that their definition of abortion is the only acceptable definition and contraception is somehow wrong. By means of electing the desired governmental representatives, instead of supporting public education, the government can redirect funds to so-called “vouchers” so that parents can choose to enter their children into charter schools, most of which are religious in nature. The result is that children can now be indoctrinated rather than educated and children will then be taught never to question authority.


Pat Robertson is a Southern Baptist and was active as an ordained minister with that denomination for many years, but holds to a charismatic theology not traditionally common among Southern Baptists. In September 1986, Robertson announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States. He unsuccessfully campaigned to become the Republican's nominee in the1988 presidential election. 

Even though the United States Constitution clearly states that there is to be a separation between any particular religion and the state, religious organizations are very busy at work attempting to tear down the wall and turn the United States government into a theocracy. Nothing would please some of the mega-church evangelical preachers than to be able to control the United States government, the Supreme Court, Congress, and elect the president they think will follow their strict religious beliefs. This is a self propelling and self-feeding process. As more children are indoctrinated into anyone religion, then they eventually will vote according to what ever governmental representatives will agree to their beliefs, as narrow and destructive as they might be.

For a nation to be truly democratic, the populace should be well educated not indoctrinated by some narrow and dogmatic religious beliefs. The primary goal of education in a free democratic country should be teaching children how to think and to question all authority, including those who are doing the teaching. That does not mean a callous disregard of teachers, but instead teachers should be respected for the education they received, even though what they say can be questioned by students.

One quotation which is fitting here and quite correct is:

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”


Poverty-stricken nations where people are mostly uneducated remain mired in depths of poverty, desperation, disease ridden, and sometimes famine. When people are well educated, especially the women, they do not have endless numbers of pregnancies and babies. By means of education they understand the main functions of their own bodies and the value of restricting the number of children they bring into this world. In some countries today, the people are so poor and uneducated that sex and having babies is about all they have with the exception maybe of working in the fields to garnish enough food to stay alive. That is very sad and tragic situation for those people. It is sad to see well-meaning organizations go to starving nations to feed and clothe children, with a no apparent effort for education of all ages. Such organizations should be giving out free contraceptives as well as food and the opportunity to be educated.

Into many nations, women are considered as property. That only men need to be educated, and the only role of women would be to become pregnant, as well as to take care of the man and the children. For those women education is unimportant for the role that they are given because of their cultural beliefs. Even worse is the truly tragic and brutal treatment of women giving them a crude and destructive genital mutilation called “female circumcision.” Female genital mutilation (or FGM) is the extent to which some men will go to enslave women. it is an extreme version of male dominance and making women simply a piece of property along with goats, cattle, and pigs. Unfortunately, too many women tend to be overly passive and chained in their social complex prison to which they easily conform. One path to freedom for women and sense of self worth lies in education. Another path is to choose to be partners with men who fully accept equality between men and women, in other words men who are also feminists. Yes, some men claim to be feminists but in reality are not. But it is destructive for some women to claim that any man who says that he is a feminist, that the man who makes such a claim is a priori not a feminist. Such kind of illogic makes it difficult to determine if any man is truly a feminist and would in fact support the advancement of women to full equality in the world.


In the United States, the last presidential election was a battle between the educated and the uneducated. The uneducated won and as a result Donald Trump became president. It was the electoral system, originated to protect slave states and their slavery, put Trump into office even though Hi;;ary Clinton won the popular vote. Donald Trump lies about this of course and says that he won the popular vote by a landslide. It is the electoral system that put him into office. Ignorance won that election for him.




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