Quote: "There is enough bounty on the earth to provide for all of God's creatures."

This is a good example of wishful thinking. Some people (such as Donald Trump) have the idea that if they "believe" something strong enough then it must be absolutely true. How very sad. The universe simply does not function like that.

All populations of organisms have what is called limiting factors. The same is true for human population. No religious "beliefs" can alter those ecological limits that no matter how strong those beliefs may be.




Quote: "Overpopulation is a false meme. It's a false front for eugenics and the extermination of populations deemed 'unfit' to live in a fascist machine world."

A meme is a part of a culture or a social system of acceptable behavior that is passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means, especially by imitation (conformity) or indoctrination as the case may be. It seems that in the United States, people would rather “believe” than to accept reason based on evidence. Who ever made the above statement desired to create their own “meme.” That kind of misinformation is false just as the lies passed around about immunizations causing autism.

In the African country of Zimbabwe, immunizations occur all over that country and according to one nurse who runs a hospital she knew of no cases of autism in Zimbabwe. That is the observation by one person, not by means of thorough scientific investigation that is badly needed there.Yet, some misinformed people still "believe" that immunizations cause autism. "Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up!"

Perhaps the next thing we will hear is that aliens from outer space want to control our population size. It is all too common to hear ideas that are based on pure fantasy rather than scientific observations. To be scientific, observations must be free of bias and must be made randomly and often. Scientific observations must be repeatable and must be made often, say at least 30 times or more. Observations must be repeatable by many scientists, again without a bias already favored by some that would  support some social or religious agenda.

Many people simply don't understand the methods of science, and instead base their "beliefs" on simplistic comments made in fake news or speeches given by  some bigoted person or group of bigots. Just think how many people were taken in why the stories of Bigfoot, flying saucers, and visiting aliens from outer space. And yes, there are the conspiracy theories that say the United States government was responsible for the 9/11 attack in New York. Think about all the people who still think that the Holocaust that killed 6 million Jews was a United Nation hoax! And it gets even worse, there are still people who think the world is flat and that the trip to the moon was a hoax, and that the world would end in the year 2000 !? It goes on and on endlessly, so it's no wonder that Donald Trump was voted into office.



Those who think overpopulation is a hoax, have used the United Nations FOR one argument, and AGAINST the United Nations in another argument. That is called “cherry picking” a habit widely used by Christian religious leaders quoting only those biblical scriptures that fit their favorite arguments and dogma.



Do we truly want to more and more people on planet earth??? What is all the fuss about?  WHY oh WHY should we want ever increasing numbers of people?
It seems that people would rather live a nice life style, rather than crammed into a world of overcrowded conditions and endless poverty.

What about a different idea... How about EVERYONE  having the opportunity to own and live in a million dollar home on 10 acres. How about everyone having an extensive education, a beautiful place to hike and enjoy the scenery? How about everyone on the earth having full meals as well as the best health care?
In addition, everyone should have the freedom to "believe" what they want to "believe" as well as the freedom to QUESTION ALL  AUTHORITIES without fear of reprisals. Everyone should have the freedom to have intimate partners in life regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity as long as they are of an age of consent. Everyone should have the best and unbiased education to understand the universe we live in (NOT an indoctrination that supports some religious or political agenda).

No one should have as their "belief" the "freedom" to impose their beliefs on others under threats of social ostracism, imprisonment, torture, or death.

Why is the media so enamored by only "newsworthy" stories but blind to the ever increasing world overpopulation? The media (news commentator, news papers, ect) are obviously attrcted to symptoms (wars, climte change, sex scandals) but are blind sided to any talk about overpopulation! How sad and how bigoted ! The same can be asked about politicians, for they badly need a course in human ecology.

Those religious leders who preach that sex is an original "sin" are not trying to get people to a "heaven." They are ONLY interested in control over peoples' behavior, which is their so called "moral authority." Marriage is nothing more than some priest or minister giving a couple permission to have sex, but ONLY with the potential to have chidren. What is worse is that so many millions buy this nonsense, hook, line, and sinker. We are HUMANS, not rats or rabbits.




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