Quote:"World depopulation has been and is still being promoted by the UN."

“Also known as genocide, ethnic cleansing, and eugenics.Presumably for saving mother Earth, they claim there is an overpopulation problem.”

Total nonsense!

The United Nations has never suggested depopulating the earth much less anything like genocide, ethnic cleansing, or eugenics. If anything is a hoax that is one of the worst sorts.


Quote:"The world's population will peak in 30 years? Prove it."

“According to the U.N. Population Database, using the historically accurate low variant projection, the Earth's population will only add another billion people or so over the next thirty years, peaking around 8.02 billion people in the year 2040, and then it will begin to decline.”


Just imagine the world with 8 billion people!!


Some people just cannot accept the ecological principle that there is a carrying capacity for every species and that includes the human species.




The population of the earth simply cannot reach a 8+ billion people. Just look around the world today at 7.4 billion. Even now there are masses of hungry, poverty-stricken,desperate people. Why do you think there is so much immigration in the worldtoday?? Oh sure, we can blame it on war, corruption, and other symptoms that an overpopulation causes. We can always blame it on symptoms instead of trying to understand the basic cause.┬áPeople are already starving to death. Just look at Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen. And why are so many people willing to leave their homeland and migrate?? Look at the immigration from Africa and the mid east into Europe. Also look at all the Latinos immigrating into the United States! Oh sure. You can always look around for symptoms such as war, corruption, and weather, and that may be adding stresses on those populations. But the BASIC CAUSE is  TOO MANY PEOPLE !!!



If a person has small pox, it would make no sense to simply cut off the pox.┬áThe pox is symptomatic and that tells us that a person with those bumps we all would recognize as symptoms of a disease. The bumps are not the real problem, it is a microscopic organism (virus) that is the basic cause, NOT THE BUMPS!!! Any body knows that (except perhaps charismatic delusionary witch doctors), so we can’t solve the problem of small pox by simply cutting off the bumps. Nor can we solve overpopulation by beliefs, stopping war, or making people healthy. Unfortunately, even the billionaire Bill Gates thinks that making people healthy causes population growth to decline !!

Improving the health of people in a nation by itself does NOT reduce population growth, what must be done is to educate (NOT indoctrinate) women as well as men.
To do that the standard of living must be raised as well as making contraceptives available and free.


Why should we rely on such inhumane things as war, famine, or epidemics to reduce the numbers of people on planet earth ???

Also, why do we need to add more and more people to this planet?? WHY???

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