Thomas Malthus was an English cleric and scholar, influential in the fields of political economy and demography.
Malthus was famous for his 1798 essay on human population growth. In his book titled The Principle of Population,
he argued that the human population multiplies geometrically and food arithmetically; therefore,
he concluded that whenever the food supply increases, population will grow so fast that it will eliminate any abundance of food.



"Did Malthus really say to kill off the poor?"

"Yep. In his Essay on the Principle of Population, Malthus calls for increased mortality among the poor."

You would think that this person really knew the truth of the matter. After all, that person started off his sentence with “Yep.” After that beginning you know "absolutely" that the person truly knew "exactly" what was going on, no questions asked.

Thomas Malthus lived in England from February 1766 – December 1834. He had no knowledge of modern birth control methods. There was no way out. The population was continuing to grow and grow some more disasterously. And Malthus could see the problems ahead. The only means by which the "excess" human population could be eliminated was by war, famine, or disease. Being realistic as well as desperate, he proposed rather  drastic methods in an attempt to keep the population stable and attempting to avoid such disasters as famine and epidemics of terrible diseases.

So now some people attempt to get readers to reject ANY notion of maintaining a stable population. Some more recent arguments by truly stupid people include:

"Let those who call for a reduction in human population be the first to volunteer to kill themselves (for the sake of Mother Earth, of course)."

"Let us start by drawing straws. Only those who draw short straws are allowed to live."


Surely, there must be better and more intelligent way then drawing straws or committing suicide to maintain a stable population.

How about, simply, the use of contraceptives and limiting the number of children?

Why can't we have sex just for pleasure? Why can't women make more of their lives than merely be baby machines??After all, women are as intellegent as men! Women can accomplish much more than working in the fields, cooking, changing baby diapers, and washing dishes! By preventing pregnancies, the population can be kept below the carrying capacity without resorting to such extreme measures as wars, suicide, mass killings, or abortion. Who thinks we must add more and ever more people to the earth's population? Why must relentless reproduction be a commanding principle in our lives???