So… Is overpopulation a hoax??

To say again, there’s only so much energy that reaches planet Earth from the sun, and it is that energy that is transformed by plants (crops) that feeds us so we can walk and talk. For that reason, the number of people that the earth can support is indeed limited no matter how much we would think or “believe” otherwise.

So just to let you know how absurd this might seem, there are now

7.4 + billion
on the earth and climbing.

The population of the earth is now doubling every 200 years. To say again, in 200 years do, do you think we could double the number of arable acres, AND double the number of schools, double the number of shopping centers, double the number of airliners, double the number of armies and navies, double the number of national parks, double the number of freeways, double the number of camping grounds, double the number of ocean liners, double our use of oil, or double everything else that we are used to seeing and using???

So what about “overpopulation?” Is it truly a “hoax?” Let us consider some of the arguments posed by people who like to crank out their wishful thinking as absolute facts....

Here are some of the arguments proposed by the so-called experts:

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