Arable land is defined as land surface on which crops can be grown. if we accept the fact that only 6,930,000 mi.² is arable and in each square mile is equal to 640 acres, then there are 4,012, 800 million acres of arable land on planet Earth. That’s it! No more! We can’t stretch land to fit the number of people but we can limit our reproduction so the number of people can equal what the land can support.

The food and agriculture organization (FAO) of the United Nations estimated that it takes 0.625 acres of arable land to support each person. So if we divide 4,012,800,000 acres by 0.625 acres per person, the result is

6,420,000,000 people
that the earth can support or to make it brief, 6.4 billion people is all that the earth can support.


1 acre is 43,560 square feet. 0.625 acres is 27,225 square feet or a square plot of land is a square 165 feet on a side. Just think, could you support youself for a full year on that small plot of land???
A family of three would have to live off of a plot of land that is  3 times 0.625 or 1.875 acres that equals 1.875 x 4,3560 or 81,675 square feet (a square piece of land about 286 feet on a side). Could a family of three live of of  that little land the year around regardless of the weather or time of the year???That would require some good things to happen such as no insect pests and good weather.

So even though we could crowd the entire world’s population into the state of  Texas, where do we grow sufficient crops to support these people???


(Do we really want to live like that ???)


As a result, one can see that it does not matter whether we crowd the entire world’s population into the state of Texas or whether we spread them out evenly across the earth,

it still takes over 4 billion acres of crops to support these people.


(Also NO parks, jails, freeways, schools, hospitals, gas stations, shopping centers, sewage disposal plants, waste disposal units, or power plants)

We can’t stop there....

If each person uses 10 times the amount of resources then only 640 MILLION people could live on the earth. So we have to think about what kind of standard of living do we want to have for every person??

In order to support even 6.4 BILLION people, which seems to be the limit as we have calculated above, the  following conditions must prevail:

  1. There will be no erosion or deterioration of the present available arable land.
  2. There can not be any droughts, hurricanes, floods, or any other unusual weather conditions.

  3. Everyone on earth must be vegetarian as we have no room for cattle or any other meat source.
  4. There will be no military and no war.
  5. There will be no population increase beyond 6.4 billion.
  6. There will be no pets (dogs or cats).
  7. There will be no insect pests.
  8. There will be no plant diseases.
  9. There can be no trains, boats, automobiles, RVs, or ORVs.
10. There can be no vehicles or machinery increasing global warming. (That is if global warming exists !?)
11. There will be no use of agricultural lands to build cities or suburbs of small townhouses.
12. There will be no wealthy people, as everyone that means everyone will live at the very lowest level of subsistence.
13. There will be no plagues or new epidemics as heavy population density would facilitate extremely rapid spread of any new disease.

So… Is overpopulation a hoax?? There’s only so much energy that reaches planet Earth from the sun, and it is that energy that is transformed by plants (crops) that feeds us so we can walk,talk, and drive our cars. For that reason, the number of people that the earth can support is indeed limited no matter how much we would think or “believe” otherwise.

So just to let you know how absurd this might seem, there are now 7.4 billion people on the earth and climbing. The population of the earth is doubling every 200 years. In 200 years do you think we could double the number of arable acres, double the number of schools, double the number of shopping centers, double the number of airliners, double the number of armies and navies, double the number of national parks, double the number of freeways, double the number of camping grounds, double the number of ocean liners, double our use of oil, or double everything else that we are used to seeing and using??? Don't forget, we still need 4 billion acres to support all these people. And more arable acres are needed in the years to come !

Well, 200 years....who cares?? Yeah, but what about just the following years beginning with the year 2017???

Even now, one can see the results of too many people. Just look at the Gaza strip.





See more details inluding famines in South Sudan, Somlia, and Yemen:



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