In certain parts of the world, there is massive immigration. For example we see on television immigrants desperately fleeing North Africa and the Mideast on boats into Europe. It is sad to see. Many people are in overcrowd boats and some top size and sink. People drown, that is who that do not survive. and it includes men, women, and children.

Also there is the problem of massive immigration from Latin America into the United States. Steps are taken to deport illegal immigrants back to their home country. In many cases women become pregnant and their babies automatically become United States citizens. Then, when deportation takes place, parents are deported and children are left behind thus breaking up families.

So it is understandable that there is an outcry against the mistreatment of immigrants.
Many people sincerely feel sympathy towards these tragic situations. When people are deported or blocked from immigrating from certain countries, the outcry by many people by means of demonstrations is enormous.

Those demonstrations are the most direct and simplistic answer to a very complex problem. Immigrants are being mistreated and suffering because of it. Deportations seem to be cruel and the separations of families seem to be a brutal way to solve problems of desperate and suffering immigrants.

The demonstrators are outraged by these inhumane by governmental actions that are seemingly without concern for the extreme conditions of immigrants. there are signs held by demonstrators that read:

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free” or “No ban! Let them in! Keep America free!” or “Immigrants make America great

and so on. All of these signs are expression of sincere concern for the plight of those immigrants.

(See Bigots in Power and the Protesters)


The problem in this situation is that the demonstrators do not look for basic causes of massive immigration. They seemingly only think of the symptoms not causes.

We should be asking questions such as:

“Why are so many people wanting to escape Latin America and go to the United States?”

We don’t have that kind of a problem of people attempting to escape Canada! Similar questions could be asked about the cause behind massive immigration from the Mideast and North Africa into Europe. For sure we could look at the symptoms such as Civil War, brutal dictators, and widespread corruption. It seems more logical and emotionally satisfying to directly attack the symptoms. It seems obvious that the symptoms per se seem to be the causes! But they are not.

Behind these adverse symptoms are basic causes. The first basic cause is the lack of education by the people who occupy these countries that show the symptoms. A good education would be a basis to asking a simple question, that is:

Question Authority.”

Uneducated or poorly educated people simply do not question authority, it’s easier simply to obey and accept the explanations given without question. That is the reason that brutal dictators clamp down on people who actually question their authority and what they do.

But why is it that in some countries the people are so poorly educated? Why can’t the government build schools and the children attend the schools? One of the causes is that people are too poverty stricken and the children must work in the fields to help support their families.

In addition there are religious leaders who find that education causes people to question their authority. This is a threat to them, and their “moral authority.” So in some countries schools are attacked, the young women abducted, and any resistance is quelled by violence and murder.

So the next question is “what causes people in a nation to be so poverty-stricken?” A basic answer to that question is that there simply are too many people with respect to the available resources. Those poverty-stricken people are forced to survive anyway they can. They go to religious leaders to seek a better life and accept the idea that there’s a life after death and if they obey those religious leaders they will go to some delusionary "heaven", a life after death.

Religious indoctrination and overpopulation are coupled in a gruesome dance, one feeding the other that soon leads to a poverty-stricken and ignorant population. A population that does not question authority for fear of their lives on earth and a so-called “afterlife.”

Behind overpopulation is the human sex drive, a relentless desire for frequent sexual outlets. So people who are not educated with respect to human ecology, or ecology in general are ignorant about what causes their own desperate situation. Again, it is the religious leaders that recognize the influence that sexual desire has with respect to controlling human behavior. So religious leaders create a number of artificial and dogmatic restraints to sexual activities. Any deviations from the restraints they referred to as “sin.” When sexual desire per se becomes the “sin”, that idea coupled with ignorance leads to excessive population growth. For people who lack education find the ideas of ecology much too abstract and difficult to understand. Too many people lead to greater ignorance among the population. As a result, the population increases relentlessly, and people, ever more poverty-stricken and desperate, turn to  religion. And so it goes, on and on.

The condemnation of the use of contraception and birth control, is fervently rejected by two major religious organizations: the Roman Catholic Church and Islam. The objection to contraception seems to have only one basis. That basis is the prevention of women having sex purely for enjoyment and pleasure rather than having children. The objection to women having sex for pleasure can only be described as medieval and primitive. A challenge to these dogmas with regard to sexual behavior, is met with sweaty palms, clenched fists, wrinkled brows, and bloodshot eyes by arrogant and dogmatic religious leaders who are desperate to maintain their Moral Authority.”



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