The United States is now being run by a truly ignorant and bigoted president Donald Trump. It seems that Trump can only be described as an intolerant, cranky old man, a classic scrooge. In response to all of the protests about his executive order says: "This is not about religion -- this is about terror and keeping our country safe," Trump said.

Trump’s executive order banned travel to the United States from seven Muslim-majority nations:Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. And he also said our country needs strong borders.

Sixteen Democratic state attorneys general issued a joint statement calling Trump's move "unconstitutional, un-American and unlawful" and vowing to fight it in court.

Mass protests have occurred as a result of Trumps executive orders and the protesters say:

“Immigrants are welcome”
“The wall is racist and xenophobic.”.
“Ban the wall.”
“Impeach Trump Now.”
“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.”
“We are human we should help each other.”
“Refugees welcome here.”
“We re a nation of immigrants.”
“I stand with refugees.”
"Ban Ignorance not Immigrants"


among others. But the most telling comment by a protester was:

“The ban is about ignorance.”

Yes! Yes! and Yes!!

The ban represent a depth ignorance about human ecology.

However the ABOVE protests also illustrate the ignorance of the protesters!


Just where are most of immigration coming from?? Just what is causing this massive flow of desperate immigrants?? Just how many people can the United States and its resources support??

Most people seem to avoid realizing or  being knowledgeable about basic causes because it violates their deepest desires. Not only the public in general, but also members of all political parties, journalists, news commentators, and even those who give Nobel Peace awards. Mother Teresa was awarded a Nobel Peace prize and Paul Ehrlich was ignored. This is evidence of the ignorance that is prevalent among those who give out those prestigious awards.

Overpopulation is the increase of numbers of people to a situation where the numbers exceed the carrying capacity of their environment. As the numbers of people increase in numbers that come close to or exceeding the carrying capacity, then poverty and desperation sets in. In such poverty stricken conditions, facilities for good education seem to be a luxury that cannot be afforded so ignorance becomes rampant and the people are then vulnerable to charismatic individuals and corruption. What causes overpopulation is uncontrolled sexual reproduction. Uncontrolled sexual reproduction is caused by ignorance combined with sexual desires of men and women and religious indoctrination. Religious leaders use sexual desire as a weapon to control peoples behavior and their lives. As the population continues to increase above the carrying capacity, religious leaders become more and more influential in their ability to indoctrinate narrow and restrictive beliefs. Hence massive refugees by ever increasing desperate and poverty stricken people.

Yes it appears (superficially) that to be warm, friendly, and humanitarian, it seems that to admit ALL refugees of ALL nations is the most human way to show empathy and concern for human welfare. However, continued world wide population growth evenrtually will only increase human suffering throught the world.

Paul Ehrlich, has called the Church’s bishops “one of the truly evil, regressive forces on the planet, in my opinion, interested primarily in maintaining their power.” But the Catholic bishops are not the only religious organization that uses sex as a weapon to control people. Muslim religious leaders also use sex as a weapon to indoctrinate and control people in a very inhuman manner. And so it goes….on and on and on. Relentlessly marching to a world of desperate, poverty stricken populace, where famines, wars, and disease prevail. A world of despotic leaders such as Trump and frustrated and well meaning ignorant crowds of protesters reacting emotionally and intent on changing things without knowing the full extent what they are doing.

They all need a course in Human Ecology. (NOT taught at the Trump "University")

An Ode to Trump supporters.




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